• Dolphin Room - Children develop their listening and understanding skills by:
    • Demonstrating increasing ability to attend to and understand conversations, stories, songs and poems
    • Shows progress in understanding and following simple and multiple-step directions
    • Understanding an increasingly complex and varied vocabulary
    • Progress in listening to and understanding instructions and directions from the teacher
  • Parrot Room - Improve their intellectual development by:
    • Communicating their needs, ideas, and questions to other children and to adults
    • Develop longer attention span and participate in longer group activities
    • Engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities
  • Butterfly Room - Demonstrate language and literacy skills through:
    • Associating sounds with letters through pictures and word collages
    • Improved writing skills through daily journal activities
    • Becoming familiar with basic sight words in fun and engaging ways
    • Increasing alphabet asareness using literacy based games, books and puzzles
  • Rainforest Room - Improve social skills and interpersonal behavior by:
    • Working together on short and long term projects with other participants in the after-school program
    • Developing leadership, planning and organizations skills
    • Engaging in cooperative learning activities and projects
    • Sharing space, time, and resources in a meaningful way
    • Developing a shared sense of responsibility for self and others