As a result of their training and attendance, students in the after school program will be able to:
    Improve social skills and interpersonal behavior by
  • :
    • Working together on short and long term projects with other participants in the after-school program
    • Developing leadership, planning, and organizational skills
    • Engaging in cooperative learning activities and projects
    • Sharing space, time, and resources in a meaningful way
    • Developing a shared sense of responsibility for self and others
  • Improve in academic achievement and work habits by:
    • Completing school homework in a timely and consistent manner
    • Preparing for tests and academic work in a planned sequence
    • Showing growing interest and involvement in reading or listening to a verity of fiction and non-fiction books and poetry
    • Reading a verity of books and articles for school work and leisure
    • Borrowing books from the library for leisure reading
    • Asking for assistance when needed to enhance understanding of different content areas and to complete homework
  • Demonstrate better study skills by:
    • Developing better note taking and comprehension skills
    • Progressing in understanding and following simple and multi-step directions
    • Planning ahead for school projects and tests
    • Improving problem solving abilities, making observations and predictions, and exploring cause-and-effect relationships
    • Asking for help when needed to complete home work assignments and to prepare for tests
  • Expand their creativity through:
    • Writing poems, reading and acting our stories, playing word games
    • Using an increasingly complex and varied spoken and written vocabulary
    • Participating in a variety of creative activities designed based on the ability of the children by the program staff
    • Exploring musical instruments and performing songs
    • Experimenting with different media, color, texture and design


The St. Thomas Catholic School provides a high-quality after school program for elementary school students. Regular participation in after school programs is linked to significant gains in student achievement and performance in standardized tests and has been found to be instrumental in developing good work habits that will help children throughout their life. We provide a safe, supervised setting for young children to complete their school work, engage in enrichment activities that will enhance their overall school performance in all subject areas and to participate in games and physical activities for their overall physical development.

After School program Outcomes:


Our carefully designed after school program offers age and grade level -appropriate learning opportunities including supervised home-work time, tutoring, and games, puzzles, and fun activities designed to improve math, reading, english, social studies, and science outcomes in school. The program also offers recreation and opportunities to excel in artistic and creative activities. By focusing on the whole child, we treat each student as an individual and work with them to achieve their personal goals and objectives.