Why St. Thomas Catholic School

Ideal Location



Preschool is the first place outside your home away from family where your child will explore and learn.  A safe, comfortable, natural environment is most conducive to this learning.  The St. Thomas Catholic School is located ideally for this, away from shops, major roads, or any other kind of urban frenzy.  However, easy access to three freeways (880, 237 and 680) makes it convenient for parents to drop off and pick up children on the way to or from work.


St. Thomas School shares a large, one acre plot with the church, with a separate, gated, spacious, grassy play area for the children to roam free and safe.  It is truly a peaceful haven, a sanctuary for your children, centrally located in the heart of Silicon Valley, convenient to many working parents.

Caring, Dedicated, and Experienced Teachers



The teachers at St. Thomas Catholic School are experienced, dedicated people, each of whom has been working at this school for over four years.  They love their vocation and provide tender loving care to their wards.


Most importantly, they are excellent role models for the children under their care, with their patience, understanding, respect, and faith.  They understand that the most effective way to help develop young minds is to give children the freedom and confidence to satisfy their curiosity in a safe and secure environment of love.

Fresh and Upgraded Facilities



A new team has been managing the school since February 2010.  They have upgraded the facilities, making the school brighter, safer, cleaner, and overall friendlier to children.


All class rooms have been redesigned colors and themes that are most attractive and exciting to young children.  New carpet, bathrooms, doors, window treatments, and furniture have infused new energy into the whole place!


The design has been very carefully executed with an ocean and tropical rainforest theme, tying together learning activities and play that are close to nature, emphasize caring for the environment, and teach children values of conservation, resourcefulness, and sharing.  With this overarching theme surrounding everything in the school, we will strive to instill in your children the all-important lessons of conservationism in an excitingly unique experience.

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